A very HUMN story

After living in Yosemite National Forest, Blaze moved back to Southern California and graduated at the top of his class to procure a Master’s degree in counseling psychology. He met Allison working at a residential treatment center while he was in school. They fell in love and eventually married.

In private practice, Blaze helped change lives from high-profile clients and celebrity families to our disadvantaged neighbors. Allison became a Certified Yoga Therapist and Holistic Nutritionist. Through it all, the pair has hosted hundreds of wellness adventures and immersive retreats infused with experiential interventions. Their group topped 5000 members before the Covid-19 pandemic of 2020.

The pandemic accelerated a trend towards disconnection and we have seen increasing rates of problems related to mental, physical, and spiritual health. Today more than ever, people need opportunities to reconnect and improve overall wellness.

In 2021, Blaze and Allison established HUMNTM to help create space for people to deepen their connections.